Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Anzac Biscuits

Cooking Evaluation
Anzac Biscuits
Was your planning effective?
(Was good use made of resources, ingredients, time, special equipment)
My planning was effective.  I made sure I had all ingredients that were necessary, and that the recipe I chose was easy enough to cook in 30 minutes.
What skills did you learn or use to complete this dish?
I learnt how to mix, stir over heat and melt butter.
Describe the appearance of the dish. (see some suggestions below)
The dish looked: cooked, soft, golden brown, appealing.
Describe the taste of the dish.
The dish tasted: sweet, tasty, somewhat salty.
Describe the texture of the dish.
Thick, Chewy, Crispy, warm.
Would any modifications be necessary to make the dish better suited to the brief?
Maybe double ingredients to make more next time.  
Kilojoules /energy content

Approximate cost

Name of Food
$ per Cookie Serving
(24 Serving)
KJ per Cookie Serving
(24 Serving)
Rolled Oats
Brown Sugar
Golden Syrup
11,950 KJ
Addressing the brief
Were the goals achieved?  (Think back to the analysis of the brief)
Were the demands of the brief satisfied?
I believe the goals were achieved.  I followed all safety rules and requirements.  We finished with a meal that we were both happy with and both happy to eat.  

Examples of skills: Measuring, weighing, sieving, mixing, rubbing in, creaming, whisking, beating, folding, kneading, cutting, dicing, slicing, crushing, zesting, grating, shredding, blending, puréeing, draining, straining, egg washing, glazing, rolling, shaping, scrunching, timing, degreasing, deglazing, basting, marinating.
Examples of adjectives to describe appearance: pale, light, golden brown, underdone, bright, colourful, dark, black, uneven, lopsided, delicate, appetising, appealing, tasty, tantalising,  messy, unappetising, garnished, healthy, unhealthy
Examples of adjectives to describe flavour: Salty, sweet, sour, bitter, cheesy,  zingy, waxy, vinegary, tasty, tasteless, sharp tasting, bland, spicy, savoury,

Examples of adjectives to describe consistency or texture — thick, chewy, tough, smooth, creamy, oily, hard, soft, crispy, crunchy, dry, hot, tepid, cold

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